The Magic shields of Runescape

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Here are my picks for the 10 best shields for mage.

you can of course use any shield, but I left off anything with a magic penalty, as that would have left the list wide open to all shields.  I also limited the field to shields (but check out the honorable mentions for non-shield items that you can wield in that slot).

Also worth mentioning that all of these shields have no range penalties, making them the best range shields as well.  (Of course you can’t use a bow and shield together, but if you are training with darts/knives, this is the list to use).

The Top Ten

10.  Wooden Shield: This has the distinction of being the weakest shield in the game, but they are free.

Def Stats: Stab +4  Slash +5, Crush +3, Magic +1, Range +4.  No Att Stats.

9.  Training Shield: The stereotypical noob item.  It actually ties with the wooden shield in terms of stats and usability, as for all intents and purposes they are the same item with just a different look.

8.  Elemental Shield: For a long time this was one of the few alternatives mages had for a shield, so even though it is useless against anything but mage here, it gets a spot.

Def: +6 Magic

7.  Anti- Dragon Shield: This is easily the best F2P mage shield.  With it’s def bonus and lack of magic penalties it is quite a useful item, also a must for members when fighting dragons.

Def Stats: Stab +7  Slash +9, Crush +8, Magic +2, Range +8.  No Att Stats.

6.  Mind Shield: From Elemental Workshop 2, this shield is good if you are fighting something that uses a magic attack, but not much else.

Def: +9 Magic

5.  Mirror Shield: A necessity for some slayer tasks, this is also a cheap shield to use that has no mage penalties.

Def Stats: Stab +10  Slash +15, Crush +10, Magic +5, Range +10.  No Att Stats.

Tip: Make sure to buy this from the GE, it is about 1/2 the shop price.

4.  Broodoo Shield: These ‘scary broodoo shields’ are actually not bad.  As long as you can get over the taunts of noob, they are a very cheap and effective option.

Def Stats: Stab +10,  Slash +10, Crush +15, Magic +4.  Att Stats: +3 mage.

3.  Spirit Shield: At 60k this shield is a bargain, great stats and no penalties.  It looks cool as well as being proof of having completed the hardest quest in the game.

Def Stats: Stab +39,  Slash +41, Crush +50, Magic +1, Range +45.  No Att bonus

2.   Blessed Spirit Shield: At 1/25 the price of the Arcane Spirit Shield it offers the same def stats without the magic bonus.  An affordable alternative if you are not safe spotting and need the protection.

Def Stats: Stab +53  Slash +55, Crush +173, Magic +2, Range +52.  No Att Stats.

Worth the investment?  Nope.

1.  Arcane Spirit Shield: At 113mil, this better be a great shield, and it is.

Def Stats: Stab +53  Slash +55, Crush +173, Magic +2, Range +52.  Att Stats: +20 Magic.

Why: +20 mage bonus, the best in the game.

Honorable Mention

Spectral Spirit Shield:  There is no mage bonus on this shield, but it offers the best magic defense available with no mage penalty, but at it’s current cost of 93mil, it is nothing but an item to show off your wealth.

Crystal Shield:  If you have high mage, this is also a great option.  The defensive stats are better than the Spirit Shield, and approach the enhanced spirit shields, with only a small -10 penalty.  I think it is also one of the coolest looking shields of the game.

Unholy Book: Not a shield, but this is the item of choice to use if you are safe spotting.  The initial cost is high, but since they are replaced for free it makes a great addition to any mage/range pvp outfit.

Mage’s Book:  Also not a shield, but for a long time this shield slot item had the best mage bonus of any item in the game.  It was hard to get and not too common though.  A well used mage training arena autoing program brought the supply up to the point of it being more affordable.

Square Shields:  These aren’t the best to use, but it is not widely known that they have no mage def penalty so your spells will not hit as hard as they would on an opponent using a kite shield.


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